For Parents

- The path can be seen as the sun with its rays. The main path is circular, with rays or shorter paths leading towards animals. At the end of each path (sun ray) a different forrest animal awaits with its interesting challenge.
- After you finish the challenge, the task card should be punched with the paper punch at the Pyramid.
- Each forrest animal has its own paper punch. After you finish the challenge you should return to the main circular path and continue.
- The path is the same, no matter the chose difficulty level. Each forrest animal has challenges for all 3 difficulty levels..
- For example: If you have 3 kids, each can choose a different difficulty level and you can all progress through the path together.
- Be mindful of the markings, this is a marked trail and not a regular path.

For Teachers

- The path consists of six forrest animals which can be linked to six curricular areas.
- Adapt the challenges to the group in a way that all children can participate at the same time.
- Do not forget to read the story which represents the essence of the path.
- Every time everyone gets a different name and finds a different pine cone. Because of this, the path can be infinitely replayed until the storks are transformed back into the nobleman and noblewoman.
- Do not forget to create a sense of wonderment and magic to immerse in the story. Only this way the spell can be broken.

For Children

- Beware of crow Fran. He can guide you astray and you will not be able to break the spell.
- Take care of your parents. You know how they always think they know better where the path goes?
- Take good care of your Theme card. You can finish the story and get your name only if you complete all the challenges.
- Go the the center of Preddvor and take a look ath the castle's chimney before you start the story and after you complete it. Maybe you will be the one who breaks the spell.

The Story

Many years ago, a nobleman and noblewoman lived inside the castle.

They enjoyed nothing more than hiking around the surrounding hills nad mountains.

However, one of their neighbours was also the mischievous crow Fran

, who was very annoyed by the fact that other people liked hiking around the hills as much as him.

Because he wanted to be the only hiker of Preddvor, he decided to cast a spell on the nobleman and noblewoman. So, one day, he sat atop of Storžič and waited for the right moment to throw a magical pine cone at them, which turned them into

so they would no longer be able to hike among the hills.

Even the elderly folk from around these parts would be able to tell you how the magical cone rolled down into the valley, right into the forrest we would like to introduce to you. But because the pine cone still has its magical powers, it can only be seen by those who have obtained their hiker's name. The forrest animals around here would be more than happy to help you earn your hiker's name. In return, you can free the nobleman and noblewoman of the castle from the spell so they will once again be able to explore the surrounding hills and mountains.

Are you brave enough, persistent enough and determined enough to find the magical pine cone with which to break the spell?

Path information

Length of path: 1000 to 1500 meters, depending on your return route

Height difference: Approximately 50 meters

Difficulty level: Easy hiking path

Recommended equipment: Hiking boots and theme card

Advisory: We advise parents to accompany their children at all task points along the length of the entire path. It is recommended to encourage children to solve the puzzles and challenges by themselves. Create an unforgettable family adventure in nature. Task points and other props are not playground equipment so we kindly ask you not to climb on them and follow the proper usage instructions. Control point hole punchers are to be used with care so that they do not get damaged or destroyed. The paths are appropriate for all ages, but do require basic fitness level and walking ability. Only walk on the marked path. Walk the path at your own risk.

Markings on the path: Unique theme markings